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Monitoring & Evaluation for Learning
November 26-29, 2019 
I  Bangkok, Thailand

All development projects need constant tracking of progress to capture essential quantitative and qualitative changes. Thus, a group of 11, composed of the IIC Board members/alternates, the IIC Secretariat, and support from Porticus Asia flew to Bangkok, Thailand to attend the four-day Monitoring & Evaluation for Learning training, conducted by MDF Asia.

The course taught the group from IIC/Porticus Asia, along with 18 other participants from around Asia, the practical steps to design M&E systems, and various monitoring and evaluation methodologies and tools.

The course launched the IIC team into the work of designing the individual member institution’s own M&E logframe, as well as that of the IIC. This would enable each institution to take hold of its activities, output, outcomes and impacts to Asian Church and society, and for all eight members to define ways to synergize together as IIC, to be able to attain greater impact.

Building IIC’s M&E Logframe: A Jumpstart 

November 28, 2019  I  Bangkok, Thailand

Applying concepts learned during the MEL training in Bangkok, the group of participants from IIC and Porticus Asia took time during the training to start putting together the possible building blocks for the development of IIC’s M&E logframe. The group was assisted by MEL facilitator, Koen Toonen. Koen would later be engaged to work with IIC and its member institutions to develop their individual logframes and IIC’s consolidated model, as well as other essential monitoring and evaluation tools.

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